SAVEME is a Water Brand That’s All About the Message

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It seems that water brands need a lesson in marketing from SAVEME, a DTC water brand that allows the consumer to shape both the messaging and the design aesthetic actively. Designed by Skinn Branding Agency, the label is a canvas that features a bold and striking set of typographical features with the customer behind the wheel.

The visual identity is striking in that it shows the potential of the creative canvas, and the protest brand throws out the crunchy granola aesthetic and successfully apes a vibrant street style.

Anywho, drink your water and take action.

The challenge was to develop a new D2C water brand. An underdog that stands out in the market and appeals to a digitally savvy, critical, and aware target audience.


Disruptive water brands are a clear trend globally. To make SAVEME a brand that adds something to this market, we chose the idea of community branding. We searched for the definition of a community or tribe, which feels attracted to this offering, and developed the brand for them. You can take that quite literally because SAVEME is a brand where you, the consumer, actively shape the message and the design.


SAVEME is a name in which the consumer finds themselves in the ‘ME’, but the ‘ME’ also stands for ‘Mother Earth’. The message: we only have one body and only one Mother Earth, so let’s take care of both. The graphic identity, like the verbal identity, is bold, striking, and cool; it infers street art and protests. Like SAVEME, the streets are a free space for everyone to spread and amplify your message.


Unfortunately, it has become an everyday occurrence: a burning Mother Earth and world leaders who would rather look away than take action. A whole generation has had enough and is making itself heard. SAVEME becomes a catalyst for positive change for them. A brand as a canvas for their concerns and opinions. A protest brand. The water can offers a sustainable alternative to PET bottles and at the same time is a canvas for expressing one’s own creative messages in true protest sign style.


SAVEME, e-commerce built for a digital community. We developed an e-commerce platform and 3D design tool that allows you to give the water can a personal and creative message. The community can vote for the best design, so the e-shop is always provided with limited edition cans based on this user-generated content.


The imagery is an important part of the SAVEME branding. The goal? Developing as much content as possible for the client to make this socially driven brand go to market. The photography and videography show the community and the seriousness with which they support their cause. SAVEME is all about the message. It is more than just a water brand, it provides a canvas for its community. The images show not only the can as a creative canvas, but also the merchandise developed to use your body as a signboard for your own commitment and the message to protect our planet.

We see more than just a water brand in SAVEME. SAVEME has the potential, supported by its tribe, to become a lifestyle brand with the same powerful initial message.

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Skinn Branding Agency