Schulz Collection Sets The Pace For Modern Equestrians

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Together and Lindsey Schulz aren't horsing around when it comes to an equestrian collection focused on environmental sustainability and innovative design. Lindsey Schulz is both an artist and dressage competitor, allowing her to bring a unique perspective to everything she creates. By focusing on modern design and classic colors, the aesthetics are both approachable and established, making for an impressive brand and identity.

Project Overview:

Together partnered with artist and dressage competitor Lindsey Schulz to debut a new collection of equestrian sport bags. Schulz ushers a new vision for how riders navigate their everyday: through an emphasis on style, innovative design updates, and a greater mission for environmental responsibility and sportsmanship.

In a sport defined by presentation and precision, the design emphasizes a heritage of artistry and experience—Lindsey is not only an established rider in touch with the needs of modern equestrians, but an accomplished artist in her own right, echoing the creative talents of her grandfather Charles Schulz (of Peanuts comics). Her attention to detail and craft provided a signature foundation to the brand.

The logomark offers a sense of confidence through its foundation, while hinting to the subtly creative parts of the product—classic pieces that are updated intelligently, always keeping in mind the needs of rider and horse.

The website design prioritizes simplicity and structure—all the information you need, with everything easy to find.

Existing Press:

Despite product being in development and available for pre-order, Schulz has been featured in several industry-focused gift guides for the 2020 holiday season.


Project Credits:

Together Agency

Creative Direction: Adam Chaloeicheep

Brand Strategy: Marisol Dahl

Brand Design: Phil Johnson

Digital Design: Zheng Jian

Digital Development: Jake Pfahl

Content Strategy & Development: Ruthie Friedlander, Kat Neis, Ariel Shoykhetbrod