Seed is a Chocolate Brand That Will Awaken Your Senses

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Designed by Ben 草没味啊 and 侯炜 Hou Wei, Seed is a chocolate brand committed to invigorating a unique perspective. Each of the chocolates introduces exciting flavors, and the packaging creates an almost explosion of a design. The intent behind the design is a way of purposefully and intentionally connecting taste with sight to encapsulate more than one sense.

Seed is committed to creating new taste experience by mixing different flavors to create new flavors. Different graphics are used to express taste experience through recombination and separation of visual dynamics. This way of connecting taste with vision creates more layers in taste.

Each image collides, overlaps, and combines to create a new visual stimulus that is also connected to the sense of taste. Colors and graphics make the vision more stereoscopic and hierarchical. The strong saturation reinforces these experiences again. This experience gradually fades and then becomes a taste memory.

Seed Chinese words is called “a fool fool qiao”, fool a term in the Chinese world on behalf of the meaning of a modest, want to say is looks ugly, but the connotation of the mystery, a series of small chocolate contains the designers think of opportunely, quiet and regular expression form, let the seed increase a reliable and innovative brand essence.

Seed itself is very small size, easy to carry, can deal with complex social occasions, to share with people at the same time can also show a kind of taste and the attitude of life, this is the seed is not just a chocolate, is also on his behalf, different people choose different packaging, the fool is a fool is representative of a group of modesty and creative people.

Seed, a chocolate brand, is a brand of new ideology. It represents a young and interesting brand tone. This brand of consciousness is more closely connected to various occasions in your life and mine, and it is more suitable for people with difficult choices to make decisions. Seed is the art of chocolate, from the original choice to the graphic design of the packaging itself.

Project Credits

Ben 草没味啊

侯炜 Hou Wei