Take a Break from Fast-Paced Design with Slow Studio’s Calm, Earthy New Identity

Posted inBranding & Identity Design

Barcelona architecture firm Slow Studio presents a new identity with the “slow-paced” attitude in mind. Instead of leaning into the reckless, accelerated pace of modern times, this system by Atipus emphasizes a more careful approach to design. Earth-toned colors, a robust typography system, and delicate lines balance it all.

We’ve heard about slow fashion and slow food as an opposite philosophy of today’s frenzy living rhythm. “Slow” attitude is about taking the time needed to create something genuinely well made. This is the mindset of Jade and Victor’s architecture studio. Innovative, perdurable, and meticulous spaces solutions thoughtfully conceived by a professional team that shares the passion for a slow way of life. We embraced and connected with their viewpoint to create their new identity, translating those values into visuals.

Project Credits
Photography: Salva López
Atipus Barcelona