STILL YOUNG’s Visual Identity Was Crafted With the Spirit Of Sustainability

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Creative group low key design is the cohort behind the brand identity for STILL YOUNG, a professional design company. The bold, sans-serif typeface pasted on the red, black, and white color palette creates a rigid yet simplistic identity, ideal for a brand known for its durable designs.

In the spirit of sustainability, trust and balance, STILL YOUNG emerged and grew, i.e., “three produces myriads of things”. The numbers 6 and 9, as double and triple multiples of 3, are some kind of evolution of it. Representing mysteries of the universe, “369” demonstrates transcendent stability, hinting at the whole creation and all its laws. With trust in partners and balanced contact with customers, the company has achieved sustainable development and built a vast universe of STILL YOUNG. All these are attributed to the eternal law of 3.

Physicist Nikola Tesla once suggested that 369 represents the profound mystery of the universe and everything in the universe and all the laws. It is thus very stable.
These three mysterious numbers act as the inspiration for naming the three divisions of STILL YOUNG “3”, “6” and “9” respectively. 
3 SPACES is the commercial space design department. 6 LAB is the artistic space design department. And 9 SYSTEM is the commercial electromechanical systems department. 
Beside, the fixed format design of 3 SPACES, 6 LAB and 9 SYSTEM continues to become one of the assistant visual elements of the visual identity system. 

Project Credits
low key Design