Studio Miles Rebrand Features Some Pretty Rad Merch

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The graphic design studio, Studio Milesis known for its playful designs and love for unique typography. The brand itself recently went through a brand redesign, and it only makes sense that it features gorgeous type throughout the system. Additionally, the studio created incredible merch that further showcases the brand’s knack for innovative design. Plus, pretty smart of the studio to use this year’s infamous periwinkle hue

Here is the new brand identity of Studio Miles. After 5 years of existence and a growing team, our vision has become clearer while keeping our fundamental values: to be a small studio with big ambitions, to offer an authentic and human service and to build long-terme business relationships based on collaboration and fun.

The whole of our new identity is based on typographic work, whether for the acronym which represents a smiling and goofy man (created from the “S” of Studio and the “M” of Miles) or for the bubbly signature and funky. These elements, once mixed with the highly structured visual universe create a very strong contrast with the brand platform. This new branding defines us even better. It demonstrates the balance that encompasses our work: a hint of craziness mixed with strong attention to details. 

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