Studio Spotlight: Kingdom & Sparrow

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This studio of 10 creatives is nestled in the coastal town of Falmouth, England. Housed in the original Falmouth School of Art building, erected in 1902, Kingdom & Sparrow specializes in crafting brands by hand. “From lino-cutting and screenprinting to painting and etching, we get our hands dirty to bring craftsmanship, creativity and originality to the brands we create,” they detail.

This small-but-mighty team was founded by Daniel Gradwell in 2012. As Gradwell has written, “We’ve created, transformed and elevated over 60 brands—from FMCG to luxury food and drink, to premium healthcare and beyond. Over the past couple of years we’ve really enjoyed working with multinational brands from Russia and Germany to the U.S. and India—and I’m looking forward to steering our ship to even bigger waters.”

Looking for a little creative inspiration? Check out the Kingdom & Sparrow blog. Here you can get to know the team and their hobbies, discover market insights and trends, and take an in-depth look at some of the firm’s favorite work.

Kingdom & Sparrow is truly designing things differently, and doing it all by the sea. Keep an eye out for more of their top-notch work here.

“… Being plastic-free and sustainable was important to Chocolarder from the start—and they didn’t yet have a perfect solution. Our challenge was to come up with a new packaging design with zero plastic byproducts that maintained the quality and freshness of the chocolate and the luxury feel of the brand.”

“Snackzilla’s purpose is not only to be better for kids but to be better for the planet too, so we worked with Founder Marieke to ensure that the design was effective on the sustainable flow-wrap material—a fully recyclable and compostable fiber paper.”