Subplot Design Creates A Picture Perfect Identity For Clinton Hussey Photography

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Creating a brand identity and logo for someone as creative as a photographer is demanding, but Subplot Design Inc. has done a fantastic job.

They've created an identity that allows Clinton Hussey's photography to reign supreme and shine through. Based on the camera's aperture, the "C" is stylized yet still understated and neutral. At first, I thought that the camera's flash inspired the yellow color choice, but I was thrilled to find out that they selected it because Clinton uses yellow tape to label all his photographer gear. I love that personality can shine through without being overwhelming, allowing photography to be at the center of it all.

Award-winning photo studio Clinton Hussey Photography had not revisited its logo and identity for more than a decade. Now in a brand-new studio space and wanting to stand out in the local, national and international markets, Clinton called on long-time collaborators and friends, Subplot Design Inc. to breathe new life into his identity.

“It is always critical to work very differently with creative colleagues, like Clinton”, says Matthew Clark, Subplot’s Creative Director and lead designer. “His work is so distinct and strong, we need to ensure any solution we come up with does not ‘get in the way’ of his work”.

“But that doesn’t mean being ‘neutral’ or just using a generic typeface as many other photographers do”, adds Clark. “We can still say something that reflects Clinton’s personality and expertise.”

Along with his sought-after creative vision and artistry, Clinton is well-known to deliver his highly technical expertise to his all shoots. From lighting to composition to expert colour and image control, Clinton’s work is tight and polished.

The new icon is a stylized camera aperture that forms a graceful yet bold “C”. Highly flexible, the icon is used with or without the wordmark in a variety of formats that can be combined with Clinton’s photography. A vivid, pure yellow accents corporate applications, while solid floods of yellow jump out on key promotional elements.

“We discovered that Clinton labels all his photography gear with bright yellow gaffer’s tape to keep it from going missing”, recalls Matthew Clark. “So, it made a lot of sense to weave this thread throughout the identity.”

(Fun Fact: After launching the new identity for Clinton Hussey, Pantone released its 2021 Colours of the Year, featuring a vivid yellow for sunny optimism.)

“I am thrilled with my new identity from Subplot”, says Clinton Hussey. “I am enjoying seeing it applied not only to regular items like my website, stationery, labels and electronic documents, but also to my gear, portfolios and what every COVID-aware studio needs: custom facemasks!”.

Project Credits

Creative Concept & Implementation: Subplot Design Inc.

Design: Matthew Clark

Creative Directors: Matthew Clark, Roy White

Photography: Clinton Hussey

Client: Clinton Hussey Photography