Sunne Is Lighting Up The Future Of Solar Design

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Everybody's been raving over those infamous mushroom lamps, but today, as someone who often likes to be ahead of the trends instead of behind them, I am sharing the new light that you must know about.

Not only is this light solar-powered through the energy in the sun during the day to light up your evening, but the modern design of the light itself combines art, sustainability, and technology.

Shaped like the horizon, Sunne's design maximizes surface area for more light and creates a unique shape that adds a splash of personality to your pace. The branding system by Kees Bakker is inspired by sunrise and sunset through bright and peaceful color hues, shapes, and typefaces.

Sunne is a solar light that can be hung in front of your window. While charging during the day, the light can be used in the evening to brighten your room. Sunne comes with three light settings: sunne rise, sunne light, and sunne set. The Kickstarter campaign graphics and logo are a play on the shape and colors of the solar light and communicate the bright, upbeat and optimistic future ahead.

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