Tea Packaging for a Calmer You

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Has 2020 been stressing you out? Well, friend, you most certainly are not alone. According to the American Psychological Association, stress levels in the United States are at an all-time high. And while I can’t offer a cure-all for the intense times we’re living through, I can recommend a cup of tea to warm the body and calm the soul—especially on a Monday. The distinguished packaging design below is, of course, a major plus.

Blue Zones Nicoya

Design by: Irene Arteaga Sáenz

“Blue Zones Nicoya tea infusions are 100% natural products inspired by the herbal gardens of those who inhabit this area [of Costa Rica]. The visual language creates a direct connection with nature. The content of each bag is represented through handmade illustrations and color system; small herbal gardens full of aromas, flavors and love. It is almost as if we were collecting the plants from the soil and taking them directly to the cup.”

Rishi Loose Leaf Tea Sachets

Design by: Studio MPLS

With packaging that looks as good as this tea tastes—Rishi's customers rarely buy just one box.”

Flowerhead Tea

Design by: Toro Pinto

“Hot or cold, the ‘flower head’ is a visual proposal that refers to the ’60s and ’70s. It is influenced by psychedelia, fashion and aesthetics of the time. It is an opportunity for imagination, strong colors and carefree images. A reference to resistance and social revolution intertwined with a concept of hope and peace.”

Sophia’s Tea (concept)

Design by: Marka Network

“Between the choices of color and the botanical illustrations, this tea is so adorable that we wish it were produced so that we could proudly display it in our kitchen.” —via Dieline

Juniper Ridge

Design by: Jordan Vouga

“In a market full of similar brands all competing for the customer’s attention, we found the voice in fine art and a more mellow, quiet approach that reflects the company’s nature-derived home and personal products.”