The Brooklyn Circus Is Creating A Cultural Shift In The Fashion Market

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A men's wear brand that can successfully balance the act of influencing culture while respecting the traditions and storylines of current events is a force to be reckoned with. The Brooklyn Circus is that force, and their recent push into a cultural platform with a media sector has editorially sound branding. With Art Direction and Design by Rita Matos from New Studio , the overall look and feel is sharp, robust, and an amalgam of different geometrical shapes, fonts, and colors. Take one glance through the images below, and I bet you'll be wishing for more.

The Brooklyn Circus, spearheaded by creative director Ouigi Theodore, has been a cultural institution in Brooklyn since 2006. The BKc is not just high-end garments, Ouigi has been pushing and supporting the community since day one. In 2019 New Studio and BKc got together to find solutions for two questions:

A. what's the next stage from here?

B. how do we introduce their cultural content?

Strategically we positioned the cultural content on the same level as the product, the product stories originate from the people and the culture and vice versa, one does not exist without the other. From here we create a world that equally supports the product as the people and their stories. The BKc is transitioning into a cultural platform with a media arm to its fashion brand. Stay tuned for more to come.

Project Credits

New Studio

Axel Peemoeller – Strategy and Creative Direction

Rita Matos – Art Direction and Design

Amorim Abiassi Ferreira – Web Development

Luis Ferreira – Web Development

Zé Quintino – Sound Design