The Green Dot Gets Reimagined By Goods

Posted inBranding & Identity Design

Oslo-based studio Goods was in charge of rebranding the Green Dot symbol, a mark signifying the recyclability of a product. The new identity is strong and tells the complete story of the signifier in an easy-to-digest way. No longer is the Green Dot associated with ambiguity, now it’s clear what the symbols represent.

Invited by Two Degrees Creative and The-Brand Identity, Goods have redesigned the Green Dot symbol.

For 30 years we have regularly seen The Green Dot symbol, however very few of us know its true meaning. Rather than indicating that the product or material it is on is recyclable, it merely means the company or brand has joined The Green Dot Scheme.

Goods have reimagined how the Green Dot could become a mark of quality. Instead of being a static symbol of financial contribution, the Green Dot would become a mark that indicates both recyclability and the amount of material in the packaging that is made by previously recycled materials.​​​​​​​

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