The Top 3 Winners of the European Design Awards 2020

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The winners of the European Design Awards—originally set to be revealed at a ceremony in Valencia, Spain—were announced today in an online gathering hosted by the annual Athens-based program. Entries came from 35 countries, with the Netherlands taking home the most awards, followed by Norway and Greece, respectively.

Here are the top three prizes. To browse the full roster of 158, drop by the official site.

European Design Agency of the Year: ANTI (Norway)

“ANTI is a multi-disciplinary agency offering creative solutions to clients from every part of the world. ANTI people believe in simplicity, storytelling and creating fans. A New Type of Interference is a philosophy that forms ANTI’s culture, guiding their process and how they are organized. They firmly believe in the potential of the unexpected, the power of interference and that diversity generates the most impactful ideas. From the intersection of creativity, business, culture and technology, they create visual identities, integrated idea platforms, advertising, content and entertainment that lead brands into awareness and cultural conversation.”

Here is a selection of ANTI’s work over the years:

“TALAS, which means ‘speak soon,’ is a local saying from the heart of Norway—the city of Hamar. It is a well-known fact that beer can lead to conversation, but it is not often that the bottle package does the same.”

“The strategic rebranding of Bergen International Festival demonstrates how the collaboration between client and agency can flip tight constraints into worlds of opportunity.”

“A New Type of Imprint—a magazine on design and creative culture.”

“Rebranding Bergen, a community and destination full of contrasts.”

“nstrumental is a film and concert series showcasing today’s most exciting music artists.”

Images and descriptions: ANTI

Best of Show: “Pula—Pola City Pools” Wayfinding System by Studio Tumpić/Prenc (Croatia)

“The underlying concept the entire visual identity was built upon is based on a series of conversations the studio had with professional and recreational swimmers. These conversations gave them the idea of a line—a basic graphic element that guided the entirety of their creative decisions, similar to how a line at the bottom of the pool guides a swimmer towards their goal.”

Jury Prize: “Helping Hands—A Guide to Sign Language for Nursing and Medicine” by LUCRA Designstudio (Germany)

“‘Helping Hands’ introduces sign language to medical professionals. It is a holistic concept that includes a 96-page manual, an app with all gestures as video, communication cards, a board and a marker. The use of these different media enables medical professionals to communicate with deaf people.”