ThereThere Design Agency Blurs The Line Between Virtual Reality and Print

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ThereThere, a design agency based in Tokyo, has created an immersive design for the 2022 Kuwasawa Design School Guidebook. The guide is fascinatingly unique in that it blurs the line between virtual reality and print in a way that the design agency and the school hope to inspire future designers. Kazune Watanabe, a 2005 graduate from Kuwasawa Design School, was in charge of the art direction for the project bringing a unique inside perspective to the project.

A set of school guides, entrance exam guides, entrance exam questions, etc.

The art direction is handled by Mr. Kazune Watanabe, a graduate of our school, who graduated from the Department of Visual Design, Department of Comprehensive Design in 2005.

Our lives have changed completely these days. With more online communication, the line between reality and virtual is becoming more and more blurry. With that kind of historical background in mind, this school guide expresses what was recognized as digital on analog paper, and expresses the sense of incongruity that arises there.

I hope that the sense of incongruity and the fun of the real world will be a catalyst for new interests and interests for future students.

Continuing from last year, in order to make it easier to disseminate each information, we have divided each booklet into separate volumes, and each booklet has changed the expression of black to make it look like a product.

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