This Hip Canadian Bookstore Honors Its Favorite Object with a Tree-Like Logo

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New Brunswick’s stylish new book and record store Pulp & Paper pays clever tribute to their wares with a sharp, sleek identity by Awake Studios. The store’s elliptical logo is accented with perfectly symmetrical lines that could either be rings on a tree stump, grooves on a record, or both! Either way, it’s clear they know their material. A muted palette and a smart blend of serif and sans serif fonts accentuates the timeless feel of the design.

Keep an eye out for Pulp & Paper’s grand opening this June in St. Andrew’s, New Brunswick.

P U L P & P A P E R

Pulp & Paper is a St. Andrew’s-based shop opening in the summer of 2022. Owner Christina Hill and her family migrated to the east coast during the pandemic and (re) fell in love with the town. This lead to the creation of Pulp & Paper – a shop specializing in used books and records as well as vintage decor and locally-sourced artisan products (including their own private label line of bath salts).

The identity was inspired by the mix of new and old that will be on offer in the shop (as well as this mix of eras that characterize the town itself). A classic sans serif is paired with a more decorative serif as the foundation of the identity – all contained within a distinctive oval loop (the “loop” is the name of the popular tourist route around the centre of the town).