This Sustainable Plastics Company Announces New Branding with One Beautiful Letter

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Sway is a packaging company that aims to create a fully regenerative future with sustainable materials. Their primary work focuses on using seaweed as an inventive, compostable alternative to single-use plastic. The Sway team hopes the production of this ingenious, innovative replacement will empower coastal communities and revitalize ecosystems.

In the meantime, the brand has announced the evolution of their branding identity with one beautifully designed letter. Sway enlisted Christian Pietrzok and Shuhua (Liz) Xiong to help them create a watery new wordmark inspired by the ocean and the vitality of seaweed. This psychedelic new lettering is just the first step in Sway’s evolving identity, so we’re looking forward to seeing what they’ll do next.

Sway is blooming. Our team and network are growing, major milestones are just around the corner. We’re getting our sea legs, you could say. Today, we are excited to share that our visual identity is evolving with us. Say hello to our new logo and wordmark!

This evolution is both functional and symbolic. We are a company that aims to blur the lines between nature, technology, and design. We’re firm in our belief that communication and design have a critical role to play in the plastic-free transition. That means we need a bold, easily recognizable mark that can be used on packaging of any size, building trust and recognition among our community.

Our new visuals are inspired by the ocean, evoking its primordial currents and the dynamic form of seaweed⁠—one of Earth’s oldest beings. Mirroring the symmetries and fluidities of nature, Sway moves nimbly within industrial systems, transforming dated practices to enable the regenerative futures we can build together.

Our gratitude to Christian Pietrzok for these letterforms. Thank you to Shuhua (liz) Xiong for the effervescent S illustration. Art direction by Julia MarshRussell ReedLeland Maschmeyer, and the whole Sway team.

Project Credits
Christian Pietrzok

 Julia Marsh
Russell Reed
Leland Maschmeyer
Shuhua (liz) Xiong