Thunderbolt Brings Southern Hospitality To LA

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If you've ever been to the South, you know Southern hospitality isn't just a grand idea. It's a lifestyle. Meals are as much about socializing, empathizing, and spreading kindness as they are about what you're eating. Thunderbolt, an LA-based cocktail bar designed by the Denver-based agency, Wunder Werkz, is doing a fantastic job of bringing the South to life in a warm yet timeless way. And bless the dusty pink, burnt orange, and deep green colors. Y'all scroll on down now and see for yourselves.

Thunderbolt – your neighborhood cocktail bar inspired by the South. The graphic system, including everything from hand-made typography and iconography to custom wallpaper and tile work, was inspired by the brand's affable attitude. We wanted everything to permeate Southern hospitality by using humble and honest materials like a postal reply card, Acco clips, and embroidery to give the space an easy-going and organic feel.

Project Credits

Creative Director: Jon Hartman

Art Director: Brianna Corn

Designers: Erin Anderson, Brianna Corn, Jon Hartman and Tim Sisk

Photography: Marie Buck