Tierra Sol Is For Plant Killers That Are (Still) Plant Lovers at Heart

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Seana and Yair are the co-founders of Tierra Sol, a plant and handmade pots company from North Carolina. They began the brand after they came to accept that they were plant killers. Born with blackened thumbs, they quickly they realized that it had nothing to do with them and everything to do with the pots they planted in.

At Tierra Sol Studio, they design and hand-grow plants, make hand-formed ceramics for the needs of each plant, and deliver easy-to-follow plant care instructions for each plant—for plant killers who are plant lovers.

Menta Picante designed the branding and identity that's both inspired by nature and contemporary in design. The colors used throughout the system are natural and simple, yet paired with the funky logo, is anything but boring.

Tierra Sol is a plant and handmade pots company from North Carolina, made by a lovely couple six years ago. They started this project with the idea of making simple having a plant, so, it doesn’t have to die in the process.

The story being short is about this couple being plant killers, they got tired of this situation and decided to put an end to this, they started to make tons of research to avoid this from happening again. They created a set of mini plant starter kits with special soil for each plant type, special handmade planters and detailed instructions on how to take care of your plant.

We developed a simple, and nature focused identity system. For the inspiration, we took the simplicity of the name and how nature can be, clay, cactus, soil, water, and sky colors was the base for this color palette. The icon is an abstraction of a desert landscape, in combination with the logotype creates a balance between simple and classic. The complementary illustrations have this carefree look to complete the whole concept.

We enjoyed very much having worked on this project. Thank you for trusting us. We send you all the best Seana and Yair.

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Menta Picante | @mentapicante