Today’s Obsession: In It Together

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Styling by Jay Barry Matthews

So, I am obsessing over another video like I did a few weeks ago with Robyn’s “Indestructible.” Same reasons too: amazing simple ideas, immaculately implemented by talented artists, bringing a song to life in a rush of pure pop adrenaline. This is Human Life’s In It Together, which is an amazing mixture of late-80’s Chicago house and Italo-Disco. Burbling synths over a nu-disco beat, and styling like whoa.

The stylist is Jay Barry Matthews, and the way he’s combining the human form and inanimate structures is fascinating. The dancers in this piece are rendered sculptural, iconic, like gods. The point of the video is to illustrate the rush of belonging that comes from finding your first nightclub where you truly fit into the crowd, and this is perfectly implemented. We follow a young boy through an adventure that transforms him into one of the creatures he’s so enamored of.

Matthews’ blog is fascinating, and decidedly not safe for work. His work is very post-gay, post-gender, oozing with combinations of masculine and feminine wrapped up in layers upon layers of fashion and beauty. Nothing’s too extreme to apply to the body to render it the owner’s externalized construction of the self.