Today’s Obsession: Lucy McRae

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Going back to Wednesday’s Obsession, let’s look more at the work of Lucy McRae, the woman who created the sculptures in the Robyn video for Indestructible. First of all, she has her own blog on Blogspot with her collaborator Bart Hess. The idea I found most interesting is that humans in the context of her work become a component of the work—not an identity to be celebrated, as in traditional clothing. This re-thinks a person’s place in the world; in Lucy’s mind we can be buried in a terrain and live beautifully; we can be disguised as human-animal hybrids, we can be simultaneously freakish and lovely.

Her Vimeo channel shows some of the same notions, but in a more motive way. This is called Chlorophyll Skin, and it’s a gorgeous project in conjunction with Mandy Smith, featuring one of my favorite tracks from the latest Fever Ray album. This piece features a cap-like form made of absorbent textiles soaked with colored liquids.

Metallic Skin challenges ideas of human movement, and renders a human form both regally godlike and reptilian, covered in gold sequins which pulse like scales as the skin moves underneath.

Such lovely, thoughtful, wearable ideas.

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