Trackinsight’s Branding Makes ETFs A Bit More Approachable

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ETFs are comparable in many ways to mutual funds; however, ETFs are bought and sold during the day on stock exchanges, and mutual funds are purchased and sold based on their price at day's end. Trackinsight is a way for everyone to have access to ETF data and analytics and helps millions of investors find ETFs perfect for them.

Because the investment world can often seem unapproachable, they wanted their branding system to radiate with a sense of peace and calmness. How & How designed a branding system that does just that with an aesthetically pleasing, friendly, and robust identity. The identity has a futuristic hint while still maintaining a fresh sense of modernness to achieve an overall classic look.

In an investment environment packed with emotion, unprecedented volatility and uncertainty, ETFs have emerged as a safe haven; an investment attractive for its ability to diversify a portfolio and achieve long-term holding potential.

As a data-driven ETF resource, Trackinsight was in a unique position to facilitate the peace and calm that investors desire while making decisions. Our brand idea therefore centred on the experience Trackinsight promise their audience: an oasis of analysis, where they can ‘focus’ and ‘cut through’ the noise of the 6,000+ ETFs listed worldwide to find the one that is right for them. In an investing landscape that feels increasingly charged and opinionated, the new brand was a welcome respite to help users see more clearly.

The customised logotype contains two semi-circular lenses (modified ‘tittles’ of both ‘i’s) inspired by spectacles and reading glasses: items which help us to see better. These formed part of a design system where grainy, ‘noisy’ gradients were cut-through with razor-sharp graphic elements, which we later extruded into 3D glass ‘lenses’ too.

Trackinsight partner with the Financial Times, and are expanding in the US. As a result, Founders Grotesk was chosen as a display typeface due to its strong editorial vibe, and American feel. Inter was selected for its varied UI capabilities and large glyph set, and used across the product itself—which had icons designed from two lenses for each of the platform's users: Personal Investors, Financial Investors and Institutional Investors.

The tone of Trackinsight’s messaging complements its typographic vessels and is editorial, approachable and strong. Just as the brand’s gradients simultaneously represent the antagonist (noise) and the proposition (an oasis), the messaging across audiences was as much about removing negatives as it was proposing positives.

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