Tropic Gallery’s Nostalgic, Cartoony Identity Makes Sustainable Shopping Fun

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Barcelona family shop Tropic Gallery makes sustainable shopping fun with their endearing brand identity by Pràctica. This charming system features cheery animated visuals of anthropomorphized letters, shopping bags, and other items in bright colors. Sleek typography and neutral backgrounds add a mature, modern feel, while smiling characters emphasize the brand’s childlike energy. Much of the store’s wares are for children, and the cartoony visuals are sure to attract a child’s attention. The imagery also calls to millennial parents with a look that evokes memories of Y2K ClipArt and classic children’s television. The simplicity of this charismatic design makes it feel accessible to children of all ages and genders.

Tropic Gallery is currently closed for maternity leave, but keep on eye on their website and Instagram for news about when they’ll be back open. In the meantime, check out their charming system below.

Identity refresh and social media graphic development for Tropic Gallery, an online concept store that seeks sustainable and beautiful alternatives for family products.

The friendly humanization of the brand, conveyed through an illustrative language with a set of creatures and alphabet letters, connects directly with the audience, generating a playful language that comes to life through the brand communication itself.

Motion design by @design_by_native
Font in use: HB Hue by Berton Hasebe