Vent’s Branding Makes Investing Less Daunting

Posted inBranding & Identity Design

Vent is a company working to make decentralized funding more available by helping startups and investors into the blockchain space. The investment business worked with Blond to create a branding system that would captivate demographics ranging from Millenials and Gen Z. They’ve done precisely that by using a minimalistic color palette of black, white, and yellow and keeping the typography straightforward. Furthermore, the logo is simple, legible, and still feels playful and welcoming while utterly professional. Investing can be daunting, but Vent’s identity makes it approachable. 

Vent make decentralised funding more accessible by empowering startups and investors in the blockchain space. Their launchpad, VentUp, allows users to identify early-stage opportunities for investment, with all startups vetted so users can be confident in their investments. Vent’s mission is “to reset the world’s perception of a decentralised launchpad while helping evolve the reputation of the DeFi space and crypto ecosystem as a whole”.

We conducted a holistic piece of research and brand strategy to understand the market and how Vent could effectively communicate with their target audience. The result was a clear opportunity to simplify and humanise the crypto investment offering—currently polarising and targeted at a small consumer group—to appeal to a broader demographic. However, this needed to be subtle and sensitive so as not to alienate early adopters. 

The final brand appeals to Gen Zs and Millenials, the crypto-savvy and the crypto novices by adopting a playful yet confident aesthetic. The minimal primary colour palette bestows trust, while the animated stickers and vibrant signal colours add a touch of fun and humanise the brand.

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