VORĀ Design Studio Teaches The Art of the Noodle With Pasta Sepia

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I've said it before, and I'll repeat it, when packaging is solely designed in black and white, a statement is being made. It's bold and confident without trying too hard. Pasta Sepia has worked with VORĀ Design Studio to create a showstopping identity. Each of their five types of pasta is dyed with cuttlefish ink, also known as sepia. Tapping more into the ink in the pasta, each box is adorned with an ink-drawn icon that represents the pasta that's within the box. Pasta Sepia rightfully calls the ink-inspired designs on the outside of each box a "visual alphabet." I'd beg to argue that their packaging looks like it's more suited for an art museum than a grocery store aisle.

Pasta Sepia collection features five artisanal pasta shapes dyed with cuttlefish ink (sepia): orzo, spaghetti, tagliatelle, orecchiette, spaccatelle, and pipe rigate.

Each package, sealed by the cuttlefish logo, contains a specific pasta shape represented on the front side. Dots and brushstrokes flow out in a cursive style. The original fluid representations are designed by hand with a brush using natural cuttlefish ink (sepia). Altogether, these illustrations are starting to compose an iconic visual alphabet for pasta that may continue expanding.

The cuttlefish ink (sepia)gives pasta the characteristic sepia color and a mild hint of sea saltiness. The pasta is made from premium wheat flour kneaded with natural cuttlefish ink, free-range eggs, fresh spring water, and no added salt. Naturally air-dried slowly to lock in its fresh flavor and nutritional value. On the package, matching ingredients are recommended to bring out the flavor nuances of each element.

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