WAYOUT FUTURE’s Visual Identity Appeals To New Investors

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The minimalistic yet practical identity for Wayout Future, designed by Saul Osuna creates an attractive aesthetic for the fund. The goal of Wayout Future is to have a space as an opportunity for new investors to make a difference. By using a modern approach, the brand appeals to a younger demographic, but the simplicity of the identity is appealing for most. 

Wayout Future was created in 2020 as an opportunity for new investors to create change. While our society struggles with inequality, environmental degradation, and stagnation, the Fund invests in companies that are expanding opportunity, advancing renewable energy, building smart machines, and exploring space. 
The Fund is an actively managed fund. It is primarily made up of equity investments in fewer than a dozen public companies (>80% of the Fund) with minor positions in emerging companies and asset classes such as decentralized software (cryptocurrencies). This concentration gives members a chance to outperform the market average and have a larger voice in company governance—while still gaining exposure to fast growing assets.
Our friends at Wayout Future turned to us to find the voice and language that aligned the best with their brand vision.

We created a minimalistic visual identity with a strong communication system relying in a futuristic look and feel, and embracing the concepts of positivity, growth and transparency.
To develop the visual language of the brand we created a fluent system using  typographic structures, motion, 3D renders, digital and 35 mm film photography.
We believe that a brand can perform as a cultural and artistic ambassador, that’s why we played and explored around the geometrical behavior of the logotype and typography using color, transparencies, light refractions, textures, photographs and even emojis.

Project Credits
Saul Osuna