What Lessons Can We Learn From David Hockney’s “Worst” Work?

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Plenty of Londoners had a lot to say about David Hockney's commissioned work for the Piccadilly Circus Tube, most of them echoing that constant refrain of "well, my kid could do that."

So, was it shit-posting from Hockney? Trolling? And, if you or your kid could really do that, well, why don't you then? In this week's episode of Brand Box, the hosts break down the lessons we can learn from David Hockney’s “worst” work and what it means for the world of branding. After all, this tube piece from David Hockney IS a logo, and as a highly intentional piece of work, it offers an object lesson about how logos can challenge our sensibilities.

Show Notes

David Hockney’s New Piccadilly Circus Artwork is Getting Dragged Online.

Why David Hockney’s Piccadilly Circus is a great piece of public art.

Londoners think they can do better as they mock new Piccadilly Circus design.

David Hockney's London Underground Redesign Upsets The Internet.

Let's do London.

Let's Do London: Tourism Recovery Campaign.

Art on the Underground.

David Hockney’s Latest New Yorker Cover Is Getting a Decidedly Mixed Reception.

David Hockney At The Met Fifth Avenue.

A History of London’s Iconic Transport Logo.

The London Underground roundel, design­ed by Edward Johnston.

Poster; London Transport, by Man Ray, 1938.

Sale 2476 – Lot 76: Man Ray [London Transport] Keeps London Going. 1938.

SOLD! Man Ray’s London Transport Poster Fetched the Way Out Price of $149,000 at Swann.

Sensation (art exhibition).

Chris Ofili, The Holy Virgin Mary.

Andres Serrano, Piss Christ.

National Endowment for the Arts.

He was bullied for his homemade University of Tennessee T-shirt. The school just made it an official design.

Shirt Designed by Fourth Grader Raises Nearly $1M for STOMP Out Bullying.

University Tennessee Anti Bullying Shirt.

Little Island designed to create "the feeling of leaving Manhattan behind" says Thomas Heatherwick.

Sister Wendy's Story of Painting.

Young British Artists.

Tracey Emin, Neon Sculptures and Prints

Damien Hirst, Beautiful Late Spin Painting.

The History of the Polo Shirt.

Men Who Wear Large Logos Viewed As More Likely To Be Promiscuous.

Peter Saville Creates Lacoste Limited-Edition Series.

Lacoste collaborate with Peter Saville.

Daniel Kahneman, Noise.


John Lonczak.

John Lonczak at MoMA.

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