Female Intimate Care Brand Wumi Has A Thing For Vulvas

Posted inBranding & Identity Design

Despite much of our culture trending in more progressive directions, there is still stigma and taboo surrounding female anatomy and having open and direct conversations around the vulva. But French female intimate care brand Wumi is striving to change that, offering a line of plant-based products, including shower gels, sprays, and wipes made for the vulva, along with brand messaging that creates a safe space to learn and talk about women’s bodies without shame.

To achieve these branding goals, Wumi turned to design duo the Yarza Twins and Apropos Agency for its packaging design and brand identity. 

The result centers around a soothing pale mint hue and an elegantly slim yonic slit motif that get utilized across Wumi’s packaging, digital, and printed collateral. There’s an aura of soft strength emanating from the branding that stems from the principle brand color that alludes to Wumi’s natural ingredients and the bold wordmark. 

The imagery used throughout is femme and airy, featuring photographs of cherry blossoms, milky bathtubs, and well-manicured hands. Let’s put it like this: if Wumi’s branding had a texture, it would be dewy. The accompanying illustrations add light-heartedness and approachability, which is particularly important for a brand in a space dealing with what’s considered delicate subject matter by some.

Suffice to say, Wumi hits the mark, confidently pioneering in a critical industry with a whole look and feel we’re confident Georgia O’Keeffe would approve of.