You’ll Have A Cow Over Cow Company’s Branding

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Cow Company is a brand from Córdoba, Argentina, that provides a meat delivery service that runs solely online, with the coined phrase, "field to door." The branding for the company is designed by the Argentinian-based design studio La Libertad. Unlike other butcher shops, Cow Co. isn't afraid of using a pink and red color combination with funky fonts and splashes of unique patterns. Everything about this company is terrific, and the fact that the branding reflects its uniqueness is just fabulous. Not to be dramatic, but the branding alone could make this company a cash cow.

Unlike traditional butcher shops, Cow operates 100% online. Based on the "field to door" modality, Cow brings the quality of its beef cuts to different homes, guaranteeing the traceability and freshness of the meat. The branding work included naming, conceptualization, design, packaging and an exclusive typographic development for the brand.

For this identity project, we created the custom COW font. A display font designed for use in large sizes, applied to posters, t-shirts and packs. COW font is inspired by the texture of certain cuts of meat, where the large spaces of red color are mixed with the thin white lines of fat, which at the time of cooking give it a unique flavor. This is how COW font becomes one of the most characteristic and powerful elements of the brand.

Project Credits

Concept, Branding, Type Design: La Libertad