You’ll Want To Shop This Artisinal Store, Better Known As Bottega Sartoria

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Marco Carboni is an Italian-born, self-taught chef and a Sommelier diploma. He also has a specialty store called Bottega filled to the brim with connoisseur products ranging from spices to cheeses to sauces. FAENA Studio created the exquisite branding for the shop that's as artisan as the products it sells. The labels are made for each individual product, and the designs reflect the quality within. To say this identity is dynamic would be an understatement; it's full of life, whimsy, and an artisinal eye.

Bottega is a specialty shop created by Italian chef Marco Carboni, who translates the artisan values of his Sartoria restaurant into an exquisite selection of gourmet products.

Maintaining the DNA and incredible identity design developed by Latente Studio, we took over to generate a complete graphic system that solves the labeling needs of all types of food: from spices and cheeses to dips or pasta sauces.

Through an effective grid and a discreet color palette, we designed a spatial typesetting that would allow the readability of any content, regardless of the abundance of ingredients or length of the text.

Thus, Bottega becomes a whole gastronomic experience that comes to life from the pantry to the palate.

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