Ziji Inspires You To Showcase Your Personality Through Your Phone Case

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Nowadays, people don't venture too far from their cell phones because they're more than just a way to keep in touch via call or text; they're a security blanket, a time-waster, FOMO cure, and, most importantly, a way to showcase your personality.

Whether you have an Android or an iPhone, what case you choose to protect your phone with can be very telling. Your phone case, whether you realize it or not, says a lot about you.

Plain white silicon case? Minimalist.

Are your initials printed with bold oversized typography? Trendy.

No case at all? Daredevil.

Leather case? Traditional.

Sometimes it's challenging to find a case that mimics your personality, or at least the side of yourself that you want to show off to the world. Enter Ziji, the customized phone case brand created for creative individuals.

Ziji recently worked with the agency andstudio to create a brand that focuses on both the final product and the creative process, through the development of a branding system, communication design, stationery design, and packaging design. The company wants to inspire its consumers to become a creator so they can reflect their true selves-after all, in Chinese, "ziji" refers to your in"individual character," a pretty critical tenet for a brand that's all about customization.

The branding system that andstudio created reflects these goals through a welcoming color palette, funky typography, and a quirky character that acts as a friendly brand mascot. These assets, along with high-quality products, help create a brand that makes a long-lasting physical companion for their customers. Plus, when a brand promises to deliver creative products, that organization must be just as intriguing.

Navigate to the Ziji site, and you'll instantly feel that spark to create your phone case. Once you click through, you choose your phone type: Apple, Samsung, or Huawei. From there, you determine your exact phone model, the kind of case you want, and the primary color of the side of the case. Then the magic happens as you can choose from categories such as "Marble" or "Interstellar."

Ziji easily and accessibly provides everyone with the chance to become a creator of oneself because your phone deserves a beautifully creative case.

Or just something that works. After all, that tiny device is holding your life. We think.