Branding & Identity Design

Looking to better your branding design, or write a branding strategy? How do you get started? Print has a great collection of logos, and analysis to help you jump start the branding design process.

Brandade: 5 Cents

An iconic Corporate Identity Manual, David's Lemonade is a memorable examination at what it means to know who you are - and how to tell the world.

Skeleton Crew

Pose Skeleton, a Japanese toy, suggests a middle life before reaching the after world -- one where we are all one under the skin.

The Stuff that Landfills Are Made Of

Packaging is a double edged (or multi-sided) issue. It can be an innovative design medium and a fount of devastating waste. One day, perhaps in the Star Trekian future, just as there will be no more paper (remember Jean-Luc Picard’s “i-pad“), there will be no more physical packaging (and all logos will be holograms)....

Kicks Are Getting Harder To Find

Every year I call out my favorite holiday swag. Well at least I think I’ve done it every year (or maybe just some years, or perhaps never before, in any case it doesn’t matter). This season the winner of the “this is not going to be regifted prize” goes to Johnny Selman, whose World...

pastport 2

Award-Winning Multimedia Campaign: Alabama Bicentennial PastPort

The opportunity to set the tone for a statewide celebration—Alabama’s Bicentennial—was beautifully brought to life by Tatum Design. They sought to create a brand identity campaign that would help fellow Alabamians connect with their state’s history like never before, with touchpoints such as a book, posters, and app. The PastPort concept was born.