Crack Open A Cold One With Bature Brewery

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Pim-Pam, Williams Chechet, and Yemisi Williams worked together to create vibrant and eclectic designs to capture the true essence of West African Culture in a uniquely modern way, a seemingly difficult task done so effortlessly that you'll be blown away by the designs on each individual can from Bature Brewery.

So sit back, relax, and crack open a beautifully designed cold one.

Bature Brewery are the first craft brewery in Nigeria and pioneers of their trade in West Africa. With an ever evolving selection of beers, we have been working closely with their team on the brand and packaging for their core range to coincide with the opening of a new Lagos brewery, taproom and restaurant.

We began the process by looking at the brewery’s aspirations to combine their craft with art as they build on their brand and principles. Based in Scotland, we started the creative by working with Edinburgh based illustrator KMG on the initial seasonal range of beers such a Mango Disco Juice, Coconut Stout and Founders Pale Ale. The design and style were character based and aimed to capture and celebrate West African craft and culture in a contemporary way.

From there, we were introduced to Lagos based Williams Chechet and Yemisi Williams — two Nigerian artists with a close connection to the brewery and the West African art scene. From vibrant and expressive collage artworks, to bold illustrative character designs that tie into each beer, the artists work will feature not only on the packaging, but the inner workings of the brewery as well.

From a small home-brewing set up years ago, Bature Brewery have grown from strength to strength, and opening a new taproom and restaurant in Lagos is a huge achievement for the team and shows how far they’ve come in a short space of time. Continuing to work with and celebrating Nigerian based artists and talent while brewing outstanding beers is their goal, and has been a natural progression as we reshape their brand and what they stand for.

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Williams Chechet

Yemisi Williams