Brand of the Day: MindFull

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A few years back, the third Monday of January earned the moniker “Blue Monday”—said to be the most depressing day of the year. And so, following a year that was decidedly depressing, the U.K.-based branding agency Nalla has chosen today to release MindFull, a free platform tailored to creatives and their mental wellbeing.

“Our aim with MindFull from the outset was to help our peers in the creative industry to understand and navigate their feelings, and then offer practical solutions to help boost moods, calm thoughts and unlock creativity,” Nalla’s Oscar Ralf says. “We are not doctors or therapists. We’ve simply been there before.”

Designed from the ground up, Nalla sought to weed out the jargon of similarly intended services, and offer up a platform that serves as a hub that curates podcasts, books, as well as mindfulness techniques and motivational videos. The platform also has an “SOS” space that features links, phone numbers and email addresses for those who need immediate professional mental health attention.

As for the tone of the platform, Nalla intentionally kept it light.

“We wanted to deliver a positive and happy experience, but balance this with clarity and calmness, for those who may be suffering in the moment. To reinforce this, we chose the typographic style to match the frank and approachable tone of voice, something that felt both soft and strong.”

Adieu was selected for the main titles, with Grenette for subtitles and body copy. Illustrations—hand-cut to celebrate imperfection—complement the overall vibe, and the color palette was carefully selected, with purple playing a key role due to its ties to creativity.

All in all, MindFull may just be the perfect antidote to 2020—and a unique place of positivity as we plod on into 2021. Check it out here.