Getting Groovy With ‘The Sun Is Everywhere’ Campaign

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There’s nothing quite groovier than a pink, yellow, and red color combination, but pair that with a typeface adorned with dramatic ligatures and swashes, and you have yourself an identity ready to moonwalk. Designed by Vasava Studio, Mango’s lettering series began as a simple window display and grew into an entire promotional package, which happens when the work is as strong as it is.

Mango invited us to create a series of letterings for their Spring/Summer 2021.
What started as a single piece made for their window display quickly grew into a family of lettering pieces for use across their stores, website and social media.

The concept for the collection was “The sun is Everywhere”. The photos and videos of their promo material really captured a certain 1970s aesthetic using sun washed images of flowers, smiles and dancing, along with the collection’s use of classic staples of that time like bell bottoms and knit tops.

To capture the flower power vibes we got from their collection we went with very groovy and gooey compositions straight out of the 70s era: bottom-heavy curvy letters melting into one another to create one of a kind compositions of all the words they needed for this transversal campaign.

Can you feel the groove?

Project Credits
Vasava Studio