J.Hannah’s Newest Nailpolish is ‘the Ugliest Color in the World’

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Ever since we sat criss-cross apple sauce in kindergarten, we've been asked the soul-searching question, "What's your favorite color?"

It's a challenging inquiry, not because there are too many colors to choose from, but because there are so many interpretations of every color. Pick pink, for example, and you get pegged as being feminine or even friendly. Choose cobalt instead, and you're calling yourself loyal and intelligent.

If you select brown, however, people get confused.

These associations we have to color are learned. Sure, you can be attracted to specific colors when you're young and even when you're old, but the connotations they collide with are something society has forced into our minds. Pink isn't intrinsically feminine; it's simply a hue; it just exists in the ether. Likewise, liking cobalt doesn't make you a loyal person; even the most falsehearted people can enjoy that specific shade of blue.

To name something as "the ugliest color in the world" is to say that opinions are factual, and in my humble opinion, this is incorrect. However, according to market researchers, Pantone's Shade 448c has been dubbed the world's ugliest color.

To respect the fine line between the repulsive and the luxurious and prove that even things described as ugly can be elegant, the fine jewelry brand J. Hannah has created a nail polish shade titled "Compost" based on this "hideous" color.

According to the brand's Instagram account, "COMPOST is…

Organic Drab

Baroque Mulch

Caviar Season


A statement in the nuanced line between the revolting and the luxurious, between the hideous and the refined."

This nail polish color is luxe, proving, once again, that just because something gets a predisposed label, it doesn't make it accurate.

But this is all just my opinion, obviously.