MYLIGHT’s Language Textbooks Add Vibrant Color to Efficient Design

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South Korean language learning company MYLIGHT presents a sleek new brand identity, courtesy of Brazilian designer Lucas Machado. MYLIGHT’s new packaging system calls attention to its name with strong, linear patterns reminiscent of the sun. Vibrant colors appear throughout, infusing this orderly, efficient system with a captivating visual identity.

MYLIGHT is a South Korean language learning company.

For this project, we collaborated with the company’s design team on a complete rebranding, developing a new visual identity, book covers, and packaging.

By combining the company’s name with the product it offers, the result is a symbol that resembles both rays of light and the image of an open book. For the book covers, horizontal, vertical, and angled lines – originated from the symbol’s design – were used as patterns.

To facilitate the organization of the books inside the package, we added vertical text to the cover. When you rotate the book to fit the box, you can use this text to search for books easily – similar to a book spine.

Project Credits
Lucas Machado