NODE+chroma: Changing the Way You Work + Design with Color

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Imagine that digital and analog color could be simply, objectively interchanged. No matching samples, no worrying over the altering effects of ambient light, screens or perception. You’d find actual, precise color where and how you can use it.

This is what George Yu, founder and CEO of Variable, Inc. and creator of the NODE platform, set out to provide with NODE+chroma.

NODE+chroma color sensor

The newest sensor module added to the NODE family, chroma joins therma, luma, clima, oxa, and motion. These modules which measure barometric pressure, humidity, light, motion and temperature (via infrared, without touching the object)—let you easily measure the sensory world with a user-friendly, handheld device. With interchangeable modules the sensor capabilities combine to give you the specific data you want and need.

The mastermind behind these product designs, Yu, has always seen both accessibility and flexibility as critical considerations, both in price and ease of use. “It’s an extraordinarily simple device,” Yu says. “Chroma is built in a way that makes it very easy to interact. Simply scan, and it captures the color and provides the data.”

But in no way does NODE+chroma’s simplicity translate to a lack of sophistication. So what exactly does NODE+chroma do, and how?

Chroma takes the physical and makes it digital. As more designers transition from the print medium to the digital space, tools like chroma help them more seamlessly shift between analog and digital design with color continuity. Capturing color palettes and ensuring accuracy and objectivity with color in all spaces is only an asset to designers.


Chroma computes true color. The 1.9 cm2 sensor uses a perfect white LED light to measure a color’s true sRGB, CIE, L*A*b* and Hex values—regardless of surroundings or ambient light. Color is objective with a device that reads its true values, making communication surrounding color much less complicated or contentious.

Chroma transmits data wirelessly. Using Bluetooth 4.0, data is sent to smart devices up to 250 feet away, storing the highly-accurate, numerical color data, accompanied by an approximate visual sample on your device.

NODE+chroma tool

Chroma streamlines and simplifies. No more swatches, physical color samples, straining eyes or best approximations. Just a quick scan and a portable, highly-accurate color collection for all uses.

Chroma invites innovation. “What we really hope people understand is that this is a partnership between us, designers, and companies. The power of this platform is going to be the interaction. It’s a much bigger story than us,” says Jonathan Bragdon, Chief Business Officer of Variable, Inc.

The NODE+chroma platform and its data can be applied across all cases—from app designers to start-ups, designers in all realms and beyond—to solve many of the industry’s problems. “We’re constantly changing and modifying to become even better,” says Bragdon. “We have an amazing ecosystem of partners, and we are constantly looking for more.”

NODE creator, Yu, weighs in: “I think this is going to be the future. I think this is a big deal.” We think so, too. With NODE+chroma, the future for designers and innovators is certainly looking bright (and colorful).

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