Pieter Ceizer Wishes the World Good Luck with His New Solo Art Show

Posted inColor & Design

Pieter Ceizer is a Paris-based typographer and artist known for clean, retro designs and hand lettering. His work is often colorful, abstract, and full of type-inspired shapes. Ceizer’s collaborated with brands that include Uniqlo, Coca-Cola, Mizuno, and Heineken.

Yesterday, Ceizer opened a new solo exhibit in Paris called The Good Luck Show. It features a series of brightly colored pieces, including paintings on canvas, metal letter cuts, wood-shaped panels, and wood sculptures. As the name of his show implies, Ceizer hopes to wish the world good luck through turbulent times. His works incorporate poetry, word, shape, and color with an overarching theme of comfort and escapism. If you’re in Paris, you can check out The Good Luck Show this weekend at Studio Ceizer.