Sean Hogan’s ‘30 Works’ Explores Our Symbiotic Relationship With Digital Technology

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Since 1995, Melbourne, Australia-based Sean Hogan has operated his design studio Trampoline, and he’s produced work for the likes of Wired, Apple Music, and The New York Times. His career has been marked by experimentation, playing with images and typography that challenges our perception of visual design.

This is true of his latest book, 30 Works, a collection of pieces from 2014-2020 that uses the International Code of Signals (a means by which boats and ships can use signals and codes to communicate criticals messages concerning navigation when language is all but impossible) to manipulate color and images.

What’s more, the book comes unbound, and you can mix up the pages as you see fit, curating your own gallery experience. The book helps foster an interactive window between the designer and the reader, allowing one to make new connections from the work displayed inside.


From Sean Hogan:

"30 WORKS is a 64-page, large-format book that showcases 30 unique and previously unseen digital artworks by Sean Hogan, produced between 2014 – 2020.

Unlike most books, 30 WORKS is not bound, encouraging readers to rearrange the pages and form new readings and relationships between the works. The pages can also be extrapolated and viewed or framed individually as A2 sized printed artworks.

The works span Sean’s interest in coded visual languages, grids, patterns, music, and systems. In these conceptual works, Sean has explored the subversion of colour and words by the manipulation of the International Code of Signals, working with methods of ocular colour mixing, and developing sets of rules to inform and guide the work's formal aesthetics (geometry, colour, proportion, line).

In reciprocating a form of algorithmic thinking, Sean’s works embody and embrace the evolution of human's increasingly symbiotic relationship with digital technology.

‘Sean Hogan 30 WORKS 2014 – 2020’ was launched at the Shanghai Art Book Fair 2020, and is published by Pocca Design in a limited-edition print run of 100. Each copy is signed and hand-numbered."

Limited Edition of 100

Signed and hand-numbered

Publisher: Pocca Design