Beverage Lovers Will Delight in Pete Ellison’s Funky, Vivid Screen Print Series

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We all know die-hard foodies, but we don’t speak as much about the lovers of beverages. You know the type: people who always have sparkling water, coffee, green juice, and water, all laid out in front of them at once. Maybe this person is you!

Screenprinter Pete Ellison honors beverage lovers with a collection of 12 colorful prints titled, “So Thirsty!” Each showcases an ad for a conceptual beverage brand, resulting in a hodgepodge of funky, vivid, and quirky designs.

Artist Pete Ellison has released “So Thirsty!”, a collection of 12 bright & colorful hand-pulled screen prints for the beverage enthusiast. Each print is an advertisement for an imaginary iconic beverage brand (both alcoholic and not), complete with hand-lettered logos and original mascot characters. A full range of sodas, brews and juices are represented, from the sassy and plump Tomato Kween to the syrup-y bubbly concoction known as Heavy Peach.

While exploring ways to keep working during the onset of the pandemic, Pete decided to pivot from client-based illustration, using his commercial art and screen printing skills to produce this series of beautiful hand-made fine art prints. Inspired by his love of vintage advertising mascots, these prints use the hard edges and flat colors of screen printing to create a look that is both retro-inspired and timeless.

The prints in the “So Thirsty!” series were designed and hand screen printed by Pete in his home studio. They measure 15×22” and are printed on 100% cotton paper. Each design is a limited edition of just 12 pieces or less per design, and are signed and numbered.

Pete Ellison is an American-Canadian visual artist, illustrator, printmaker and designer. Having grown up with the bright cartoons, arcade games, and breakfast cereals of the 80’s & 90’s, his art is a playful tribute to the aesthetics of consumer culture. His bold graphics remix visual references like brand mascots, candy packaging, and colorful trinkets of past decades into something new that’s both retro and timeless. Pete’s past projects include an award-winning t-shirt collaboration with Pocky, art & music for the quirky retro-inspired game “#Breakforcist Battle” for Nintendo Switch, and band merch for musicians like The Doubleclicks and Blood Code. He is currently producing work from his current studio in Toronto, Ontario.

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