The Prism Oracle Deck Combines Tarot, Mysticism, and Design

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Nicole Pivirotto is a designer, art director, Reiki master, breathwork practitioner, and Aesthetic Magic creator. All of her passions and interests have collided to create the new Prism Oracle deck published by Chronicle Books. The deck intends to inspire you to dig deep into your intuition to discover and reveal why you have certain feelings and emotions through the power of color. These cards draw from color theory, psychology, and magic to display your most profound connections to color. Color me impressed.

Discover the power of color. This unique Prism Oracle deck uses the language of color to tap into your intuition.

This vibrant deck explores the links between color and emotion with 45 cards, each of a different hue. Each card features a unique energetic state—like Creativity, Frustration, or Reflection—mapped to a color associated with that energy. The guidebook offers direction on how to interpret the cards as a message from your higher self, as well as how to infuse your surroundings with a card's energy through meditation and altar building. This beautiful and insightful deck features modern minimal illustrations on every card and shining metallic edges, and comes enclosed in a rainbow-colored, foil-stamped keepsake box.