Top Five Paper Artists To Follow On Instagram

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We've all been crafting with paper since we were in kindergarten, and many people probably stopped shortly after their paper crafting careers began. However, some artists continued the craft and have developed works that'll surely floor you and make you wish you never stopped. Paper artists are on an entirely revolutionary plane of thought. While most creators spend their time developing work that goes on top of the paper, these artists make art out of other's canvases.

The complexity is unparalleled, the detail is fascinating, and the level of imagination is staggering. Below I've cataloged the evidence of my findings of the mastery that is paper art, and I hope you're ready for your creative floodgates to unleash their power.

Elin Price

The intricacy of Elin Price's pieces is absolutely captivating. Hailing from High Peak, Derbyshire, Elin's work is made by hand-cutting paper with a Swann – Morton scalpel. When you take a look at her pieces, especially the ones the size of a thumbnail, you'll find yourself zooming in and wondering with a sense of awe about how anyone besides an open heart surgeon can have a steady enough hand to create such intricately beautiful cutouts. Scrolling through this feed, you'll find that the artist finds inspiration in nature and the relationship that we, as humans, have with the outdoors. From her detailed moth piece to the highly delicate work inspired by migration, you'll instantly be in awe of how everyday materials can become something so beautiful.

Margaret Scrinkl

Once you scroll through Margaret Scrinkl's feed, you'll find yourself transported to a world of whimsy. Every single one of her posts serves a creative role. From showing you her process to inspiring you through stop motion animation to simply making pieces that will bring a smile to your face: Margaret's works are extraordinary in every way. One of my favorite works is the stop motion animation made for National Icecream day. It includes a creamy pastel cone that's framed in a gorgeous white cutout, dripping perfect tiny sherbert drops—only a true artist could dream up this work.

Sachin Tekade

Sachin Tekade's Instagram feed brings paper art to an entirely new level of marvel. This artist consistently sticks to paper's typical white hue and creates unmatched textures from the material within the monochromatic designs. I had, and continuously have to, double-take the pieces to ensure that they are made from paper because their excellence is exceptional, and it blows my mind that something this gorgeous can get made from plain-old paper. The pieces featured on this account are indeed museum-worthy, and I can only hope to have at least one of them in my collection one day.

M. Laura Benavente

If you're interested in bright, multidimensional, and quirky art, M. Laura Benavente's account will have your mind spinning. Her pieces make you feel like you've wandered down a rabbit hole of instant revelation. I'm mesmerized by the fact that simple paper can be turned into monumental sculptures of parrots, shrimp cocktails, or even cleaning supplies. The use of color on this account is perfectly executed and divinely inspirational.


Florists are creative artists in their own right, but Sara has combined the art of paper and florals flawlessly. Honestly, her work is phenomenal, and the details found within every flower, petal, and leaf are a masterpiece. Throughout Sara's feed, you'll find bouquets of roses, ranunculus, carnations, and the list goes on. Her impeccable petals are dense with paper and rich in color, making them both full of life and character. The best part? They last forever, much unlike a traditional bouquet.