Wunderkammer of Color, May 2011 Edition

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We’re jumping the gun a bit early on May, color-fans—c’mon, tell us you’re not giddy for spring! Let’s get right to it, shall we?

Nothing hollers spring louder than the fully blossoming tulip fields in Holland. Right now they’re ablaze in color; in just a month they’ll be shorn down to faint filaments of pink, red, yellow, purple, and orange. Lovely at every stage, but pungently so right now.

I found these gorgeous shots via Pitch Design Union (images no. 1-4)—anybody know who took the original photographs, pipe up already! I’m hankering to buy a hi-res poster, and I’d bet I’m not the only one.

You didn’t vote for the best Easter egg design at HatchSF? No matter. Even if you missed out this year, you can still catch the gorgeous, witty winners in every stripe, color and concept here. I was rooting hard for the dark-horse eggy candidates, like the black-hooded Ninja egg by Tom Maxwell-Wood or the goldilocked Göld Beard egg by Will Ecke (both pictured below). But honestly, the egg-voting pleasures were ample over there. Bookmark that stuff for Easter 2012.

I have three color-minded artworks for you this month, ranging from brilliant to moodily subtle. For starters, trot on over to The Paris Review for Pavel Zoubok’s essay on collage, illustrated by David Poppie’s “Rabbit Hole” (below):

Next, let’s mentally wing over to Paris (where Imprint’s own Steve Heller is tearing up the turf with some killer finds). As part of the Art Paris gallery tour, American Devorah Sperber is exhibiting at Galerie Zidoun. Her work takes spools of colorful thread and treats them like pixels, recreating familiar icons (like Woodstock, below), famous artworks, and myriad other scenes in inverse.

The full image is distilled into a recognizable shape by a round magnifying glass placed strategically at its center. It’s a fun, approachable idea for art, sure – but not exactly a one-note concept. Comparing the reflected miniature with its exploded, large-scale version in spools, you can see all the tiny gradations of color that might otherwise go unobserved. Dig it.

Last but never least, I could stare at the image below for hours. It’s 8 Stains (Spectrum), by Jaq Chartier (2009), via William Baczek Fine Arts.

Is your mom color-mad, too? If so, we’ve got two Mother’s Day gift ideas for you. Steer past the standard carnations-basket and pick up this hotness for her. If she’s more than youthful at heart, or simply deserves a good laugh at the kids’ inter-tangling, CMYK Twister by Jessica Blackham should suit her down to the ground—literally:

This Threadless t-shirt design, Crayola Role Reversal by Nick Roberts, is a nice twist on the ironies of parenting: you give, give, give, and then one day your kid turns around and starts talking back—often as the ever-charming “backtalk”. (Think I was a pastmaster at that? I was.)

Luckily, before things go too haywire, the kids grow up into parents themselves, and then start freaking themselves out at every turn as they parrot Mom’s favorite sayings to their own offspring. Holy intergenerational revenge!

The post wouldn’t be complete without a shout-out to my own mom, the ceaselessly au courant blogger behind Mimi’s Motherly Tips. Not many moms are so hip, you can wish them a fine day online and know they’ll discover it via pingback. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

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