Color & Design

Print considers the overt and subtle impact of color in design. Our contributors have covered projects that link color and design with social action, Damien Hirst, and Pinterest, to name just a few. A brand’s color scheme is as much a part of its identity as any logo. With Imprint’s vibrant and thoughtful coverage of color in its multiplicity of hues, we’ve got all the color design ideas to spark rainbows of inspiration.

art nouveau music

Art Nouveau Music

Steven Heller presents sheet music published in Italy during the fin de siecle in the Art Nouveau style, noting its type and motif is typical for the era.

Color Lines

TRIBORO talks their One-Color Subway Map, a graphic paradox and the first single-color representation of a city's transit system.

Fruit Of The Ink

Wine labels are a special breed of graphic design with a long history. . . so long I went to the site Bottle Your Brand to find out where the ancestors of these specimens came from.

Weekend Heller: Not One But Two Lustig-Cohen Exhibits

The Institute of Fine Arts at NYU Great Hall Exhibition Series will present Graphic Objects: Elaine Lustig Cohen’s Sculptural Works, a solo exhibition featuring works by artist and graphic designer Elaine Lustig Cohen. The first public display of Lustig Cohen’s sculptural reliefs and box-like sculptures, this exhibition runs in conjunction with Masterpieces and Curiosities:...

Weekend Heller: Igarashi’s Frenetic Alphabetics

Takenobu Igarashi monumentalized type and typography when most of us were still living in Gutenberg’s shadow. With his unprecedented 3D type, Igarashi created an even larger shadow that brought the old world together with the future one. Announcing through Volume, a crowdfunding platform, and produced in collaboration with Igarashi a new book “A to...