Take A Day Off and Read ‘A Day Off’

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Pedro Gomes is a Portuguese designer and illustrator living in London. His comics are full of character, wit, charm, and humor that are unlike anything we've seen before. His new book Day Off is a book that focuses on a wealthy man who once was comfortable inside his world but has become intrigued by life beyond what he knows. Finding life beyond his affluent bubble opens his eyes to an entirely different world in the same place. The illustrations are perfectly imperfect, with emotions oozing from page to page that'll make you think deeper about your own life.

Day Off is a graphic novel about a wealthy man who grows intrigued by life outside his luxurious bubble. It deals with the insulation of the very rich in big cities and their paradoxical relationship with these places – living in the heart of vibrant metropolitan areas yet shielded from everything that makes these exciting places to live in.

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