Edwin Schlossberg on the Demands of Population Growth

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We were all born at different times. Two more of us are born almost every second, and immediately and continuously, we start to absorb information from the air, light, color. As we grow, we begin to feel the people, animals, materials, sounds, colors, and smells that later start to have more and more meanings. Then we form ideas, and start attaching larger models of how things work. We keep modifying our ideas— and beliefs about our ideas— because of irritating or pleasing experiences that keep shaping our ideas of the world. All these challenging, confusing, and contradictory patterns become our experiential library, which we constantly add to or edit.

And now, the introduction of digital communication and instantaneous awareness has put us in a world that even people from the past two generations could never have predicted.

This new world is exciting, terrifying, remarkable, and worrisome as we try to remember our memories from even short times ago. For example, since the moment you started reading this, about 1000 more people have joined us, and all of them are affecting all of us. You probably have not realized this in the intense environment of information that is surrounding you, but you need to.

We need to really think about this and talk to others about this. Perhaps compose new ideas about this astonishing world that will help us conserve and preserve all the aspects of life so that we can improve the outcomes for all of us.

Although some of us continue to explore and communicate themes and passions about the world, we need more active support and participation in ways that will help us sustain a creative, productive, just world. This is a call for massive efforts to collaborate and support changes that will enable us all to live more aware of each other and to advance the social, cultural, and environmental outcomes in the process.

We are at the point in time of our presence on earth when we need to coalesce and make strong, serious decisions that will benefit each of us by being effective for all of us. Our path towards 9 billion people will not be strewn with flowers unless we do. Look around you, through the lens of what you have just read. Take ever increasing steps towards a significant effort of participation..

Photo by mauro mora on Unsplash