Meanwhile: Baked Potato with Vicodin

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And other happy readings.

— Love the look of A24’s new book, Scrounging – a collection of late-night, last-ditch recipes from movies, including The Breakfast Club‘s Pixy Stix sandwich, The Apartment‘s tennis racket spaghetti and The Martian‘s baked potato with Vicodin.

The Road to Hell – an essential read from Nick Asbury on the scourge of purpose, “the movement that took over the business and branding world in the 2010s, and continues to lead nowhere good”. In summary: Kendall Jenner defusing police protests with a can of Pepsi, but everywhere, all of the time.

— Magnum photographer David Hurn on the set of particularly good Black Mirror episode Demon ’79. I’m going to assume that Paapa Essiedu took that costume home with him and wears it all the time now.

— In two minds about the AI-generated opening credits for Marvel’s Secret Invasion. Deliberate critique of the artifice of AI art or shameful artist-dodging short-cuttery? Probably a bit of both?

— Despite everything – everything – there’s still a lot of lovely to be found on twitter. It’s the ultra-niche accounts that keep me clinging on – like this thoroughly delightful one dedicated to children’s literature endpapers. This needs to be an exhibition.

— Sad to see the new issue of The Happy Reader will be the last. Just a perfect literary magazine in every way. Would love to see the interviews from across the nine years and eighteen issues compiled into a nice big … somethingorother.

— “The particular brand of artificiality that I like to use is an old-fashioned one” – quick video from Vox on how Wes Anderson uses miniatures.

— It’s been a big few weeks for art in London, with a Tate Britain rehang and finally the reopening of the National Portrait Gallery after a three year renovation. Can’t wait to get down there and take it all in, buy a shedload of postcards.

— Penguin’s new Crime and Espionage modern classics series, designed by Matthew Young, looks LOVELY and GREEN.

— I mentioned my new site last week, but now I’ve ironed out the kinks. Curating your own work is torture, but for now at least, I’m rather happy with the array of covers and posters on there. Be a love and share far and wide.

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