Meanwhile: Rectangles in Rectangles

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Not really sure where I was going with these rectangles in rectangles, but I like how they’ve landed on the page. More here.

— If you’re a fan of paper cuts and stray eyelashes, Collé is an essential subscribe – “a daily email exploration into the world of contemporary collage”.

— The Ken Adam Archive looks lovely, but seriously, £850? Is there really a market for these absurd Taschen books that come with their own little plinths and insurance premium implications? Still, if selling these means they can continue their excellent (and altogether reasonably priced) Bibliotheca Universalis series, long may it continue.

— Fascinating thread on the genesis and process of Adolfo Arran’s infographic about the incredible (and now demolished) Kowloon Walled City, once the most densely-populated urban area on the planet. Big version of it here.

— Loving Owen D. Pomery’s Substack, particularly this latest post on how he got to where he is today, from architect to illustrator via almost-cheesemonger.

— Eric Darvoy’s Instagram is nothing but French shopfronts and it is great. Plenty of weird and wonderful type inspiration here to keep your brain fizzing.

— “Rest, get bored, stock up on seeming nothingness. A lot is going on in there.” – The Raincoats’ ten rules for life, creativity, and activism.

— Because my back is officially OLD, I’m thinking of switching to a standing desk set up (specifically the IDÅSEN). Would be curious to hear other’s experiences/advice around this.

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Collage by the author.