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— Ella Kemp talks to designers, archivists and publicists (and her own parents!) about creating and preserving original film posters in the age of streaming. Great long read from Letterboxd.

— What happened to the cockney riviera? Oliver Wainwright on the botched regeneration of brutalist utopia Thamesmead.

— Okay, I’m assuming at least some of Meanwhile’s subscribers are simply itching to be mysterious, wealthy benefactors, yes? So who wants to buy me a Leica Q2 Monochrom? Or better yet, an armour-plated one?

— We’re big fans here of the Unfinished London videos Jay Foreman has been throwing at the internet over the last twelve years, so it’s always a treat when a new episode drops. The latest, What went wrong with the tube map? is particularly interesting for all you Harry Beck fans.

— One day I will clear a big square space in my garden for a studio. But not just your typical glorified shed, rather a Kiosk K67, the 1960s Yugoslavian mass-produced modular design that actually went into production.

Analysing Sight and Sound‘s greatest films of all time poll. Appalled to admit I’d never even heard of the number one film, but hope to fix that soon.

— It’s the end of the year, so of course the internet is nothing but best-of lists right now. I contributed some words to Fast Company’s best book covers of 2022, plus Mark Sinclair’s roundup for Creative Review is particularly good. My annual pick of film posters (my fifth!) for the magazine is also about to happen – watch this space.

— One list I could/should make is Envied Trips of 2022, and the top spot would go to This Northern Boy’s two week circumnavigation of Iceland, a country I somehow still haven’t visited. His photos are delicious. One day I plan to follow in his footsteps.

— (Seriously, dearest benefactor, imagine the incredible black and white scenes I would capture with my treasured, armoured Monochrom)

The Mist at 15. An oral history of Frank Darabont’s gut-wrenching Stephen King adaptation. I love this film so much. Pro tip: watch the black and white director’s cut for ultimate Outer Limits vibe.

— Jason Kottke is back! The fine hypertext producer’s site has gradually been filling up with a mix of old and new posts to keep you busy, including why the Top Gun: Maverick mach 10 scene is like a perfect pop song, the NYPL’s collection of weird objects and a short history of the banjo.

— I broke some people with the phenomenal camouflage of the snow leopard.

— When Tom Waits gives you a picture of himself on a t-shirt in lieu of babysitting payment, heck yeah you’re going to wear it until the end of time. Quite possibly the coolest item of clothing in existence.

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