If You’ve Ever Wanted To Live Inside A Wes Anderson Film, Now You Can In This 1950s Train Carriage

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If there’s anything that American filmmaker Wes Anderson is known for, it’s his distinct symmetrical, whimsical, and vibrant scenes throughout his various films.

And while each of his many movies is absolutely unique and wholly original, the filmmaker often works in scenes on a train. So it seems natural that Anderson was selected to work with the travel brand Belmond to create a train experience that makes real-life feel a little more extraordinary, much like how his aesthetically pleasing films make us feel.

The train car features a pastel pink ceiling paired with green hues on the carpet and the chairs. Stepping into this train car, you’ll feel as though you’ve been transported into one of his symmetrical cinematic sets, an otherwordly and immersive experience.

A one-day trip on the Cygnus train from London’s Victoria railway station, including dining, is around $545 per person.